Sinking Feeling

Here we ‘go’ again. What is it about public restrooms that makes me want to rant? This time it’s the inefficiency. How are you supposed to wash your hands when they are pushed up against the walls of the sink because the faucet barely protrudes? I don’t consider myself a germophobe, but rubbing elbows with all the accumulated funk on this sink so I may wash my hands seems like pedaling a vicious cycle.

I know, I know. These sinks are on their way out, replaced by automatic motion-sensored faucets. While we’re here on this subject, I’ve got to ask. How many of you have added a new dance move to your repertoire in order to get the water to come out of these faucets? You know the maneuver. It’s sort of a Hokey-Pokey kind of thing. You put your left hand out, then you shake it all about. You put your right hand out, etc.

Until we meet again, in line for the bathroom…


Photo by Mar Startari, 2019

Maria Startari-Stegall