Happy 5:55

Out of my regular



to abandoning

the logic-lacking

laminate routine

of the life-sucker,


relentless machine.

Maybe I stop here,

maybe I don’t.

Shut up and get out!

Do it now or you won’t.

Victorian farmhouse,

with barn, garage

and a few sheds.

Kept-up, attended

yet none live here,

gone or dead.

As I sat on the steps,

I felt an historic lonely.

How could I have done this?

Oh, if only!

I hadn’t locked in the trunk

my keys.

Wouldn’t have been underneath

pleading “Please,

let the black box containing my spare

have survived all the bumps.

Please, let it be there.”

Then a dusty rectangular

shape met my fingers.

There’ll be no more loitering,

no need to linger.

I’m in, I’m off

happy to be alive.

No more a haunter.

Happy 5:55!

June 18, 2019

Photo by Mar Startari, 2019

Maria Startari-Stegall