Want to spend a little time wandering down the road less traveled?

Mar Startari-Stegall

Flicker-Ultimate Perspectives (Book 1 of the Flicker trilogy)

Have you ever told a joke or a story or written a poem on a card and someone said, “You can publish that”? After hearing this encouragement from my audience while I was the Director of Boone Ultimate Alliance, I took them up on their challenge. I hired a brilliant editor, Judy Geary, and we embarked on the process of my first book.

Flicker Boone NC

Flicker - Trail Notes (Book 2 of the Flicker Trilogy)

Why do we walk these trails? We don’t have to use them to get from one place to another. Some trails have difficult terrain. There is always risk of being accosted by wildlife, insects, or questionable humans. So why do we spend our free time and money hiking? Exercise? You can do that in a more controlled environment. Exercise is a by-product. Time away from technology? Maybe. I bring my phone to document my experience in pictures and writing. Let me venture a guess based on my reasons. What you see, what you feel, what you smell, what you think because your mind is free to wander. All of these justifications for a hike are valid. You may have even more yourself.Come join me on a hundred hikes in Flicker-Trail Notes as I document thoughts and images from area trails. This book is something to keep on a bedside table, coffee table, or even in a bathroom and pick up for a quick reminder of beloved locales, flora, fauna, rock, water, etc. of the high country of western North Carolina.

February Thistles, 2006

February Thistles, 2006

Flicker - Stoke (Book 3 of the Flicker Trilogy)

Available in 2019 - in progress.

Mother Tree, 2007

Mother Tree, 2007

Flicker - Compilation of Books 1, 2, 3

Available in 2020 - in progress.