Mar Startari


I wrote my first poem at the age of five. 

I like to eat steak that is juicy. 
I love to watch I Love Lucy.

A few years later, my mother gave me a rhyming dictionary and a lifelong love of word pattern began. I was raised by people who enjoy vocabulary. Everyone used to bicker over who got the morning crossword. My grandmother completed books and books of crosswords to keep her mind sharp.  To this day, my parents, my daughter and I have been perfecting what we call 'the word game'. 

Poetry has always been a pastime, not an occupation. I hold a degree in Commercial Art from East Carolina University and have taught painting, drawing, and mixed media classes. Before becoming a mother, I traveled, selling original watercolors at art shows. I found that people appreciated my work more than they could afford it, so I taught myself to screen-print. Printing my art on shirts made my work much more available.

The first time I realized my poetry had meaning for others occurred after I turned 40. Iā€™d been raising my baby and was emerging from the overwhelmingly committed schedule of a new mother as my daughter started going to a Montessori preschool for half a day. 

I had lunch with her creative movement teacher and shared some of my poetry. She saw accompanying movement and volunteered her dance troupe to interpret the words. We created a performance art piece called 40/40 Vision as we had both turned 40 recently. The show was performed three times in 2005 by our group, Alchemy, and received so well that we continued to the next show.

Hurry Up and Wait, the second performance art piece, did even better as it not only boasted original poetry, art, and dance, but also homegrown music. Hurry Up and Wait was performed in 2006 at Turchin Center and Dragonfly Theatre to crowds of 90+.

Boone Performer Poet

A third show, One Less Thing, was undertaken, but only lasted until dress rehearsal as we had all become too busy to volunteer. The title of the show was more than ironic. 

Homeschooling took over and I became a teacher. Creative writing was so much fun I started a writing club. Then the art teacher left the co-op and I took her place. 

On the side, I was the director of Boone Ultimate Alliance and sent out weekly inspiration in the form of poetry and prose to encourage participants. After seven years at the helm, I stepped down from directing the BUA.  I compiled the best of my weekly writings/art from my time with the BUA and published my first book, Flicker- Ultimate Perspectives. That brings us up to date with the advent of my inaugural on-line venture, this website.

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