Passing Notes is a poetry reading/workshop where short performance-style readings are interspersed with writing exercises designed to aid the participants in building their brainstorming and creative writing techniques. At the beginning, I pass out several pieces of paper and pens and tell the audience to pass notes during the program. I use these notes as props for a poetry reading later. Another example is list-making where I talk about the evolution of everyday writing. We make various lists and yes, I use lists in a poetry performance called Listless. I read and then we write. We write and then I read. At the end, participants may read from something they've written if they choose. Allow extra time afterward for a Q and A.

$50 (Discount available for non-profits and writers groups).

Email to schedule a program:

• hour and a half long
• Q & A afterwards
• readings are from the Flicker trilogy

• interactive
• entertaining
• merchandise for sale (t-shirts, books)



For a complete breakdown of the program, please click here.

Available to Travel

Happy to travel anywhere.