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Want to spend a little time wandering down the road less traveled?

Read something short or invest some time in an article. Find new perspectives or discover perspectives you had, but needed someone to point them out..


Were You Born in A Barn?


Boonebarndog was. On a tundran high-country morning in western Cackalacky, the original Barndog entered existence.  No Pauxatawny visions then; only stark snow. Who knew six weeks later we would be in the national headlines in a state of emergency as a result of a two-day blizzard? Maybe the birth occurred in a rustic structure, maybe it didn’t?   Barndog was coined because of his name, Barney. The first pup, our first dog, he was the one. For his story see ‘Barndog’ on the menu.



At any rate, Barndog was the first of six elkhounds we’ve owned. The other five having been born in barns, the name perpetuated. Their independence, loyalty, and ingenuity through necessity were akin to our lifestyle; out on the road and out here in this ancient hollow we call home.  The land has names on the map, but we don’t use those names. We have terms like Old Tom’s Orchard, the Homeplace, Andre’s Creek, Baynard’s Tree, the Burnt Ridge and Turtle Spring Meadow.

Locales such as these inspire. Art and writing have always flowed tidally in and out of my life. I have drawn it, painted it, screenprinted it and sold it in a little bookshop on King St. Now, with the advent of this very website, my work is being globally marketed for the first time.

Welcome to Boonebarndog!


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Flicker-Ultimate Perspectives (Book 1 of the Flicker Trilogy)

Have you ever told a joke or a story or written a poem on a card and someone said, “You can publish that”? After hearing this encouragement from my audience while I was the Director of Boone Ultimate Alliance, I took them up on their challenge. I hired a brilliant editor, Judy Geary, and we embarked on the process of my first book, Flicker, a collection of highlights from a weekly email newsletter.